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Neighbours has come to an end after 37 years. Here are the key

Neighbours has come to an end after 37 years. Here are the key moments ...

Neighbours has come to an end after 37 years. Here are the key moments from the star-studded finale

After 37 years, nearly 9,000 episodes, 68 deaths, 63 births and plenty of street cricket, Neighbours has come to an end.

From amnesia to arson, a ratings boom to the rise of streaming, the residents of Ramsay Street have lived through it all.

Here are the key moments from the 90-minute finale (sob).

Warning (especially for our friends in the UK): This article contains spoilers

The returning cast members started early, with Mike Young (Guy Pearce) and his perfectly tousled hair hidden under a motorbike helmet.

He was back in town to check on his daughter, but couldn't pass up a tour of Ramsay Street from his old flame, Jane (Annie Jones), who somehow had all the keys and definitely looks gorgeous with or without her glasses and always has.

Just give Mike Young the key to all the houses and all our hearts right now, he is incredible.

This ABC News Special looks at how Neighbours became a global TV icon and  launched the careers of some of Australia's biggest names. 

As the former cast members continued to waltz back to Erinsborough for various reasons, Beth Brennan (Natalie Imbruglia) met Flick Scully (Holly Valance) on a park bench, watching Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) sing a video on her phone.

"I'm on a Facebook page of the street where I used to live," is a thing Beth definitely would not have said in the 90s.

Many others – Kym Valentine, Carla Bonner, Margot Robbie, Jesse Spencer, Jonathan Dutton, Blair McDonough – made cameo appearances as wedding telegrams. Honestly I may have missed some because they were quick and I was kind of sobbing.

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Even the ghosts of Madge Bishop (Anne Charleston) and Doug Willis (Terence Donovan) made casual appearances, as ghosts tend to do.

Erinsborough's undisputed moral compass was pointing true north, with Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) showing compassion to the woman who had an affair with her husband Karl (Alan Fletcher), and then her eldest son Mal, only to cheat on him too, with Shane Ramsay (Peter O'Brien) in a brown leather jacket.

Izzy Hoyland (or Isabel, if you're Susan) is always undone by her own schemes, and this time it has left her crying in a Lassiter's hotel room in a red silk shirt, admitting all she wants is the Kennedys' approval.

"You're Karl and Susan Kennedy, I guess I just thought if people thought you accepted me, they would think I was worthy" – us too Izzy!

After initially telling her "you are not getting my approval", Susan told Izzy she just needs to love herself.

With that out of the way, Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) asked Susan to write the introduction to the Ramsay Street book – of course she is the narrator we never knew we needed.

I almost forgot we were getting a Lassiter's Lake wedding by the time Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Mel (Lucinda Cowden) walked each-other down the aisle, so much was happening!

Mel looked absolutely glorious in an Elvis-styled white jumpsuit that somehow looked great, and then everyone had to write down what love means.

Fans have been divided on the will-they-won't-they reunion of Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) and Therese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

On the one hand, I mean, they seem to really love each other, if close up shots of smouldering looks are anything to go by (and they are).

After nearly 9,000 episodes, 63 weddings, 20 births and 68 deaths, Neighbours has ended. 

On the other, Paul did con Therese into thinking he was seriously ill and sabotage the fashion week event to make her look bad, so he's objectively not a great life partner.

Paul understands this, telling Therese "I am who I am".

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But Therese, god love her, is prepared to accept him anyway.

I don't know, I'm not really there with them on that one, but there you go.

And then that green car came hurtling down the cul-de-sac, with the Queensland number plates and Especially for You on the stereo and we all knew who was coming next.

But even though we knew, and we've all seen the promotional pictures of Kylie in those denim overalls with the curls, we still squealed!

And we sobbed, again, even though I'm more Impossible Princess Kylie than Locomotion Kylie.

There had been concern that the show would sideline the current cast in favour of the big names, and it's hard to compete with Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Guy Pearce.

But honestly, watching the former teenage sensations up on the balcony of the Ramsay house, looking down on the current teenage sensations … it was like, yeah, they all get it.

As Susan said at the end, as the camera panned out of the wedding party on the street, "I think you have to acknowledge everything, the good and the bad, because all of that makes us who we are."

There was a salute to the fans – "those who watch us from afar" – and we lapped it up.

I can't believe it's over!

Now all that's left is to give Jackie Woodburne every award ever, and to fight over which closing credits are the best. (It's the one with all the saxophone).

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